Marketing And Its Types


Marketing And Its Types

Marketing is a very broad topic and one of the most essential requirements for the smooth running and growth of any business or service. People do spend a lot of money on various marketing strategies. Some people make their business and career into marketing.


It is an activity which is done by the company or an organization with an objective of selling their product or services in the market.

It includes all the processes related to advertising, selling and delivering the products or services to the customers or consumers.

It could be done directly by the company itself or could be done by hiring a third party or other person for doing it on behalf.

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Keys of marketing:-

There are seven keys of marketing on which a person needs to pay personal attention while drawing their marketing strategies which helps the person in the sale of the product. These keys of the marketing are as follows:-

Pricing: This needs to be seen and decided pretty well as the sale of the product depends upon the price determined for the product.

Product: One needs to take care about type of product and its competition before launching the product and strategies required for the marketing for such product.

Place: It has to be taken care pretty well that what is the need of a particular product in the area for marketing.

Promotion: We have to make all the promotion strategies of the product looking after every key detail and then done accordingly for good sales.

Physical Evidence: It too has to be taken care of pretty well before deciding for marketing.

People: We need to be sure about the type of people we have to sell our products and other things for marketing.

Processes: We need to take care of every damn process before preparing for the marketing strategy.

Therefore, these seven key factors of marketing have to be taken care of in a good manner for good marketing strategy.

Types of Marketing:-

There are various types of marketing available in the market these are as follows:-

Online Marketing: It is a broad strategy of marketing on its own as most of the people are available online for buying the product and for knowing about the product. All types of Digital marketing, E-commerce platforms, Social media marketing and so on come under the platform of online marketing.

Physical Marketing: Marketing through making the different strategies at the store such as sale, offers and so on are a part of physical marketing. Door-to- door sales of products and sending marketing teams to acknowledge people about the particular product or service is a part of physical marketing.

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