Shopping And Various Platforms


Shopping And Various Platforms

Every woman is obsessed with buying new clothes, footwear, accessories and other decorative things for themselves and their houses. There is no one who doesn't like buying anything for themselves. Every person has different interests, some like buying clothes, some like buying decorative items and some like buying something else. Some people do the shopping for the sake of necessity and some people do it for both necessity and for fun but everyone goes through this.


It is basically engaging in an activity where a consumer searches or browses the items, store and other things available nearby or near to him/her by various retailers and wholesalers and then goes to purchase those goods or items from stores as per their personal intent towards it.

Shopping could be done through three platforms which are as follows:-

Store Shopping: When a person intends to buy something from the various stores available in the market, selecting the item purchase from the wide range of products available in the market is known as store shopping.

Online Shopping: There are various E-commerce platforms or online stores available these days for the sake of shopping. Some people do not have that much time to do the shopping and want to do it from home itself with their own taste through online stores looking at a variety of options available globally and selecting the one as per their need and taste.

Third party shopping: When people intend to do the shopping for another person it is known as third party shopping as herein they are trying to find the relevant stores and accessibility for reaching or either buying online a product, item for other person as per their taste.

So, Basically there are three types of shopping platforms. Now, before moving ahead in our blog I would like to request all my readers to please do write a post to us on the topic Write for us Shopping Sharing their views and opinions with respect to shopping with us.

Online Shopping  benefits:-

Online shopping help us in availing lot of benefits which are as follows:-

  • It helps in reducing the traveling cost,traveling time for shopping.
  • It provides a wider range of products as through this you can place the order from anywhere within your country or outside the country.
  • It is a more convenient and effective way of shopping.
  • It helps you buy the product at better prices as there is more competition and a wider range of available items.
  • It reduces the pressure of shopping in a mindset of a person.

Therefore, these are the few of the benefits of online shopping and apart from this there are many more associated with it.

Store shopping benefits:-

There are ample benefits of shopping through store which are as follows:-

  • Can be done when you need a particular product on the same day.
  • Can have a dual check on the quality and quantity of the product
  • Can be bought from a trusted dealer
  • Can have an idea about the look of the product completely
  • Assurity about the product increases.

Therefore, Store shopping has its own benefits.

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