Six activities to try out on World Teacher’s Day


Six activities to try out on World Teacher’s Day

Teachers are undoubtedly a source of wisdom. They improve our lives by educating us about the necessary values we need. Therefore, there is a day to appreciate teachers all around the globe, known as World Teacher’s Day. 

It is a day to acknowledge their efforts and contributions to society. Paying back your teachers for what they did for you is impossible. However, this day gives you a chance to honor your teachers and make them feel valued. 

There are a lot of ways to celebrate this day. However, every teacher, student, or parent celebrates Teacher's Day by exhibiting appreciation and gratitude. So, why not thank your teachers with fun-filled activities? Read on to find out activities you can try on this year’s teacher’s day. 

1. Create a Scrapbook

This can be a project or a presentation of your favorite memories with your teacher. This is a way to show that you value every experience you share with them. It is also a good way to treasure the memories you have created with your teachers. You never know what your teachers can add up to your scrapbook (old papers, photos, or report cards). Try designing your scrapbook using World Teacher’s Day templates to make the pages look exciting and attractive. Use Graphics to make the cover page, or a thank you slide at the end of your scrapbook. 

2. Video testimonies to show appreciation

Collect video testimonies of all students in which everyone shows appreciation to the teacher. Thank teachers for everything they have done for you and your class fellows. Try to be concise and specific and ensure that the video is no longer than five minutes. Send the video to your teachers, show it in class or at the school event, and post it on social media platforms. Surprise your teachers with heartfelt messages and capture their reactions. 

Make a Thank you Floral pot

3. Make a Thank you Floral pot

The Thank You Flowerpot is one of the best DIY ideas for Teacher’s Day. Get a small pot and paint it with your teacher’s favorite color. You can put your teacher’s favorite flowers in it. You can also make sunflowers from paper and place them in the pot. Make sure to keep a note thanking your teacher for helping you grow. 

4. Appreciation Tree 

An appreciation tree would be the best craft you could give your teacher to thank them. It is a fun and decorative way to thank your teachers for their efforts. Get a small tree branch and decorate it with paper leaves. Make students write on these leaves about the things they are thankful to the teacher. You can also gather small notes from all students sharing their feelings for the teachers and place them on the tree.  

Appreciation Tree

5. Message Apple 

Of course, there is a lot to thank your teacher for. Thus, think of giving a bunch of messages from you and your classmates. Make an apple from paper chits and create a message apple for your teacher. Color the edges of the paper chits red, and write messages behind every fold. Put a name chit on the top to let the teacher know the student who sent it. 

Message Apple

6. Handmade Frame

A handmade frame is an easy way to appreciate five of your teacher’s best attributes. Make a frame with a hand cutting in cardboard. Use the five fingers to describe the five best points of the teacher and use the palm to put her name. This type of DIY craft leaves the teacher with a forever memory of yours and creates a special appreciation touch moment. 

Handmade Frame

Ideas for Teachers

Although this day is a celebration for teachers, it also brings forward students’ rights. This year, celebrate this day by doing something extraordinary for your students. 

1. Ask Me Anything

Let your students ask you anything about your job. You can name it “interview your teacher” or call it an Ask Me Anything session. Try to answer all your students’ questions and show that your job is crucial to society. You hold the power to inspire students with your answers. Nevertheless, you can change their perspective of your underrated job to someone who changes characters for the benefit of humanity. 

2. Switch your roles with your students

For a day, let the students be the teacher of a class. This reverse role will give them a glimpse into the life of a teacher. This will make them know what it actually means to be you. Some will realize that they want to become teachers in the future. While others will walk away with learning respect, promising to be more understanding in the future. 

How are you celebrating World Teacher’s Day? 

On the 5th of October, let’s take out some time and thank your teacher. It does not have to be anything big. A message, a handmade gift, or an online card is always a good choice. Doing something to make this day memorable is good for both students and teachers. Make the best use of internet resources, try the ideas mentioned above, and celebrate Teacher’s Day like never before! 

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