Drinks & Regulations with Respect To Packaging


Drinks & Regulations with Respect To Packaging

We all love drinking various types of drinks such as alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, mineral water and so on. But do we know there is an organization named FSSAI(food safety and standard authority of India) who is responsible for checking these drinks sold in the market.   

Launching a Drink:-

Launching or bringing a new type of drink in the market is not an easy peasy task it requires lot of legalities to be followed up by and take a proper license by the FSSAI before launching it and if anything found or reported illegal then the FSSAI have entire authority to cancel their license and pass an order for the closure of their manufacturing unit as well get the entire distribution and sale of such drink running in the market stopped.

Packaging regulations for a drink:-

FSSAI has a detail mentioning  all of their details with respect to packaging of the drinks in their Food safety & standards regulations, 2011 and the regulations are needed to be comply by each and every manufacturing unit while packaging of these drinks from August 5, 2011 and few of the important rules as per these regulations which one need to keep in mind are as follows:-

That while packaging the drink in the container for selling one needs to be assured that there is proper mentioning of the date on which the item has been packed in the container, not the date on which the item has started being sold. So, all the consumers should be aware that the date of packaging is the actual date when the item is being stored in the container.

It is need to be noted down by all the manufacturers that while packaging your drink you need to be extra careful with respect to the quality of the utensil and one need to follow all the rules mentioned under Section 2.1 of the Food security and standard regulations which says that while packaging one need to make sure that the utensil they are using is not a -

  • Rusty utensils are not allowed for packaging.
  • Utensils which are enameled and have become chipped or rusty.
  • If using copper or brass containers then make sure that they are properly tinned if not then it cannot be used.
  • If one is using aluminum containers then they have to check the standards for aluminum containers related to chemical composition of such containers to be in accordance with the IS:20.
  • If one is using the plastic container then one needs to be very sure of the regulations prescribed for such containers for the purpose of packaging and it is also prescribed to please go through section 2 wisely for such packaging.

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