How To Manage Work With Business Technology


How To Manage Work With Business Technology

We know a basic fact that managing a business is never easy and it requires a lot of effort by both brain and physical. There is nothing hidden in the fact that running a business is not at all an easy task and working alongside any business needs a lot of patience and management. But now with the enhancement of technology the tasks have been easy and it is easy to manage by the person who is smart and understanding towards business and therefore, different business schools are offering courses like business technology management so that people can understand the complexity of business and role of technology in it and how to use it and implement it in this business.

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Management of Work With Business technology:-

For understanding how work can be managed in a business with the help of business technology a person need to understand why technology is needed in business and few of the reasons for the use of technology in business are as follows:-

  • Helps in efficiency of work. 
  • Helps in effective working of the business.
  • Helps ease of the work.
  • Helps in reducing the load of work.
  • Helps in maintaining the proper record of work.
  • Helps in data management.

Now, when we understand the basic needs of technology in business we can understand how to manage business with business technology with an example:-

Example: A company ABC is running a business of manufacturing clothes where they need to produce and distribute around 1000 garments in a week to their sellers across the world and for this process they have staff of 20 workers, 1 owner and 2 managers along with 10 machiners used for different processes.

Situation: How the production process takes place and who is responsible for sending the garments and receiving the payment and how the working of the organization ABC is done efficiently in that less time period.

Management with technology: Here, the owner has distributed different departments to every worker and the manager is divided into looking after two segments and working on maintaining records to those two departments and further giving the final report to the owner. 

The manager 1 is responsible for distribution of clothes and payments from the parties.

The manager 2 is responsible for checking on workers and machinery.

The workers are divided in a manner one for handling a machine and one worker among 2 machines for handling the issues which are related to the technical department.

Few left workers are there for packaging and counting and reporting to the manager for final goods.

In this every data is recorded on the computer on different software which are interlinked so that reports made by manager 1 can be accessed by manager 2 and both the reports can be further accessed by the owner.

The accounts and financial statements are taken care of through proper softwares.

All other work was done with the help of technical support and teamwork which made the work efficient and effective and able to provide effective results to the organization.

Therefore, technology plays a role in business.

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