Why do we need Relationships?


Why do we need Relationships

Relationships we develop with others are essential to our mental, emotional, and even survival as humans. People naturally want to be close to one another in order to connect and form connections. Although a man conversing with a volleyball when stuck on an island (remember the movie?) may not be considered "healthy," his need for companionship is. This is due to the fact that positive relationships—romantic, friendship, or familial—can contribute to a healthier way of life. Share your thoughts with us on the Relationship Write For Us category. 

Benefits of Healthy Relationship 

Some of them are- 

Relationships Bring Joy

Happiness and living full lives depend on relationships.The many benefits they offer are the reason for this. We can establish ties with friends as well as family members through which we can share our lives and get help when we need it. They often make us laugh a lot, and that makes us happy. There have been romantic relationships for a very long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have historically served as the cornerstone for numerous other things, such as family, community, and long-term goals.

Support in Rough Times

You can rely on relationships for the assistance you need to get through trying times. It might be really helpful to have someone to assist us during these challenges. Your family and friends can aid if others are unable to. If we don't already have one, it's imperative that we find a reliable support system. Look for businesses or even social organisations that interest you and support causes you agree with. It's possible to join a group in many different ways! 

No Loneliness 

The importance of relationships should be considered an investment. Everyone needs time for themselves, but relationships and other forms of support are equally necessary for a happy and healthy life. It's important to spend time alone, but it may also be challenging. Spending a lot of time alone can lead to loneliness or isolation, which relationships can help with.

Combats stress 

A committed relationship is associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The social and emotional support that comes with having a partner can be a terrific stress reliever, and research suggests that people who are partnered are less sensitive to psychological stress. Even data suggests that cohabiting couples are happier than those that do not. According to Dr. Fisher, having the knowledge that someone loves and supports you while you're going about your day even if they aren't physically there is good for your mental health.

Quick Healing 

According to studies, long-term couples who have undergone heart surgery are three times more likely to survive the first three months following surgery than single patients. This may be because having a spouse nearby can help you remember to take your medication or distract you from the discomfort. Long-term partners also mentioned feeling more at ease about their abilities to manage post-operative discomfort and less concerned about the procedure in general. A person can heal more quickly from an operation or sickness with a little emotional support.

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