Travelling to Leh


Travelling to Leh

This place is famous all across the globe because of its snow-capped mountains and cool climate. This beautiful city is situated at an altitude of 3,524 metres and is considered to be the favourite spot for trekkers. The languages spoken in this area include predominantly Ladakhi, Balti, English and Hindi. The environment of Leh is a cold desert climate, it mostly has long and very cold winters and short summers. This city is located at the banks of the river Indus which carries a lot of historical significance. Share your thoughts at the Write For Us Travel Guest Post category. 

Other than the natural beauty of this place there are also many beautiful monuments to visit in this place. There are monuments such as Zorawar Fort, Datun Sahib, The Victory Tower and many more. The city of Leh is like a dream and visiting this place is one of the best things to do in the entire Indian Subcontinent.

Places to Visit in Leh

The places to visit in Leh are as follows:

Pangong Tso Lake

The most beautiful lake in Ladakh is the Pangong Tso Lake. This place is especially known for its peace and tranquillity. The beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains. The beauty of this lake has attracted many shootings such as 3 Idiot and much more. Visiting the Pangong Tso Lake is a must thing to do in Leh.

Thiksey Monastery

One of the most beautiful and iconic monuments present in the Indian subcontinent is the Thiksey Monastery. The Thiksey Monastery is a 12 storey building and is known to be a perfect representation of Buddhist culture, heritage, lifestyle and history. The picture and manuscripts attract people from all across the globe.  

Khardung-la Pass

The Khardung-la Pass is basically a gateway to the most beautiful and splendid Nubra and the Shyok valley. This is one of the reasons why the Khardung-la Pass is also called the gateway to heaven. The roadway here is known to demonstrate the beauty and authenticity of Leh and its mountains. 

Markha Valley

All the trek lovers unite because the beautiful city of Leh has the best trekking spot for you. The Markha Valley is the most beautiful trekking spot with mountains on all sides. One can trek up to sites such as Markha, Skiu or even Hankar. Do not forget to visit the Markha Valley on your trip to Leh.

Nubra Valley

Deserts are known for their high temperatures, but there are also some desserts that have low temperatures. Have you been to any cold dessert before? If not then do not forget to visit the Nubra Valley. It has beautiful white sand with all the other features of a desert such as camels and others. 

Tso Moriri lake

Tso Moriri lake is a piece of paradise on earth. This impeccably beautiful place is situated at high altitudes which makes it one of the most unique lakes in India. The sparking white sand along with the shining blue water forms one of the best sightseeing in the entire city of Leh. 

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