9 Famous Traditional Flavoured Dishes of Kashmir


9 Famous Traditional Flavoured Dishes of Kashmir

You can taste the natural flavours of Kashmir by viewing the below mentioned list of the different types of dishes found in Kashmir. The Write for Us Food category blog posts will also help you to find the must try dishes of Kashmir.


Even Pandits in Kashmir are meat lovers. Thus, a large number of nonvegetarian dishes are part of Kashmiri cuisine. Goshtaba is a royal-tasting traditional treat that was originally prepared as a meal for monarchs.

As a result, it is prepared in the Kashmiri household for royal events. It is made using cooked minced mutton balls that are flavoured with yoghurt and a variety of spices. You'll want more than one dish because of its mouthwatering tastes.

Aab Gosh

Aab Gosh, another delectable delight for mutton lovers, is among Kashmir's most well-known foods and customs. The meat is tender and tasty, falling off the bone when the mutton is cooked with milk and spices.

You would never want to eat any other mutton dish again after tasting this one. Serve it with perfectly cooked saffron rice to enjoy it. This meal is prepared for festive events like gatherings and festivals.

Kashmiri Baingan

One of the delectable and distinctive spicy foods that is hard to resist is Kashmiri dahi baingan. You desire more of the dish since the aubergine is cooked in a yoghurt gravy after it has been diced.

It is the ideal blend of Kashmiri cuisine and is served as a side dish. The inhabitants of Kashmir are equally fond of this vegetarian cuisine that can be prepared in a variety of methods.


Sheermal is a Kashmiri dish that is sweet and crispy and very simple to make at home. To acquire the recipe and experience the authentic flavour, it is highly recommended to travel to Kashmir and prepare this dish alongside the people.


It is usual to consume Kahwa tea when in Kashmir. In Jammu and Kashmir culture, this dish is very popular. Kahva is a herbal green tea that is steeped with walnuts, almonds, and saffron. Kahwa is provided during every feast or celebration.

There are twenty distinct varieties of Kahwah because it is a staple in every home. There are also those who would rather add milk. It is also known as Maugal Chai in several villages and localities. This is how people in Jammu and Kashmir traditionally eat.

Rogan Josh

When it comes to Kashmiri cuisine, rogan josh has to come first. The mouthwatering national dish has elevated Kashmir's culinary profile. The flavorful lamb curry known as rogan josh is prepared by combining yoghurt, caramelised onions, and a variety of spices.

This low-fat, healthful recipe tastes best when paired with rice or naan bread. One of the best Kashmiri recipes is so good that you won't be able to stop at just one plate if you're not vegetarian.

Dum Aloo

Make a journey and try the Dum Aloo Kashmiri eating style if you want to experience the true original Kashmiri cuisine.

Baby potatoes are cooked with fennel, ginger paste, yoghurt, and spicy seasonings. This dish is so simple, the aroma alone is pleasing. Eat it with naan bread or roti.

Yakhni Lamb Curry

Kashmiri cuisine is known for its yoghurt-based dishes, and Yakhni Lamb Curry is no different. It is well-known in Kashmiri cuisine and culture. The lamb is cooked in a unique gravy made with dry mint leaves, onion paste, yoghurt, and Mawal flowers. 

The intoxicating scent of fennel and green and black cardamoms will quickly drive you to hunger. Enjoy this traditional Kashmiri dish with a bowl of rice.

Lyader Tschaman

You would be mistaken to believe that there aren't enough vegetarian meals in Kashmiri cuisine. Kashmiri cottage cheese called Lyader Tschaman is prepared in a thick, creamy sauce.

Both the cottage cheese and the gravy in Kashmir are yellow. This is a meal that practically every home has. A classic treat that even people who are not vegetarians will be unable to resist.

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