Check Out the 7 Highest Followed Food Blogs in the U.K.


Check Out the 7 Highest Followed Food Blogs in the U.K.

As you can see below the list of the highest-followed food blogs in the U.K. is discussed. So that you can enhance your knowledge about the food culture. To get more information regarding the food category you can go with the Write for Us Food blog posts. 

Tinned Tomatoes

Since 2007, Tinned Tomatoes has maintained a blog. In addition to collaborating with well-known brands, Tinned Tomatoes writes for magazines like Reader's Digest, Vegan Life Magazine, and Cook Vegan. Follow Tinned Tomatoes if you're considering cutting back on meat or becoming vegan.

Fuss Free Flavours

Since 2007, Helen Best-Shaw, better known online as Fuss Free Flavours, has been providing her fan base with recipes and food-related musings. 

When Helen realised she could make delicious cuisine on a budget and support those who wanted to eat healthily without breaking the bank, she decided to launch her blog. 

Her goal in starting Fuss Free Flavours was to blur the line between inexpensive food and cheap eating.

Hungry Healthy Happy

With over 200,000 page views per month, Hungry Healthy Happy is one of the most well-known food and lifestyle blogs in the UK. In addition to recipes that demonstrate that eating well doesn't have to be monotonous, Dannii's blog Hungry Healthy Happy also includes articles about travel, family life, and home and garden projects.

Kitchen Sanctuary

By exclusively providing dishes that her family eats, Nicky treats Kitchen Sanctuary like her cookbook, encouraging readers to cook delicious meals for the family every day. 

Easy pasta salad, the ultimate double cheeseburger, and honey garlic chicken skewers are perfect for the summer holidays, no matter what the weather brings.

Becky Excell

After years of being without her favourite dishes due to a gluten-free diet, Becky made the decision to start posting recipes for gorgeous baked goods. 

This blog offers survival instructions on preparing your kitchen, finding what you need, dining out safely, and saving money, to make sure that everyone's gluten-free path is "plain from the beginning."

Pinch of Nom

Since 2016, Kay, Kate, and the team have been blogging at Pinch of Nom, where you can find plenty more than just inspiration for your next nom.

In addition to the blog, this site offers "tried and tested slimming recipes and helpful information" in a variety of formats. Books and a podcast are also available. There's also a gallery part to lust over.

The Pinch of Nom crew offers quick pasta recipes, healthy eating tips for on-the-go, and slimming items to keep on hand so you can enjoy food without sacrificing health.

Lavender and Lovage

Blogger, recipe creator, food stylist, and independent food and travel writer Karen Burns-Booth's speciality at Lavender and Lovage is "food and travel from home and abroad." 

Karen recently shared recipes for throwback school dinners, such as cheese flan and chips, chocolate sponge and custard, and jam tart, to help you replicate the experience at home.

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