8 Best Hospitals in Patna for Better Health Care


8 Best Hospitals in Patna for Better Health Care

If you are looking for the best health care at very affordable prices then Patna is one of the best cities for this facility. Here you will get the expertise of top-class Doctors and also they consult you with the best option for your health. Below is the list of 8 best hospitals in Patna. You can submit a guest post on Health by expressing your point of view on health care centres in Patna.


Among the institutions with international recognition is AIIMS. The AIIMS Patna branch has a long history of providing quality medical services to the city. This hospital's skills and reputation have earned it the trust of the public.

With the aid of their skilled physicians and the newest technologies, they offer top-notch services and treatments. For its patients, faculty, and staff, AIIMS Patna offers a lively atmosphere and exciting campus life.

Big Apollo Spectra Patna

The mission of this hospital is to provide excellent healthcare services accessible to all residents of this community. They are renowned for offering a variety of medical services in a kind and individualised manner.

A group of gifted physicians with extensive training and expertise have been assigned to this Apollo Hospital in Patna to manage complex patients.


A government agency that has been aiding individuals for years is called IGIMS. Many people's lives have been improved by this health centre. IGIMS wants to become a premier facility that will provide Patna's citizens with the greatest healthcare available worldwide.

This state-run autonomous institution in Bihar is highly regarded and praised for the wide range of services it offers and its welcoming atmosphere. It is genuinely deserving of the moniker "best multispeciality hospital" in Patna.

PMCH Patna

Having been established in 1952, PMCH is among the most established medical institutions in Asia. Furthermore, it is British India's sixth-oldest medical college. Due to their experience, PMCH's health specialists are well-known throughout the entire city.

They have some of the most skilled and experienced medical professionals in Patna. Patients who have had treatment at this Patna Hospital Government College consider it to be the best in the area.

Savera Cancer and Multi Specialty Hospital

Some refer to it as the best cancer hospital in Patna, yet it offers more than just medical specialisation. It is operating profitably because it is fulfilling its goal of offering quality care at a reasonable price.

They think that regardless of their financial situation, every cancer patient should have the right to receive treatment. All things considered, this medical facility is among the greatest in Kankarbagh, Patna.

Medanta Hospital

Medanta Hospital in Patna is well-known for providing top-notch, all-encompassing medical care. They are renowned for offering reasonably priced health treatments as well. This hospital is changing the face of healthcare in Patna with its excellent medical services.

Some of the top medical specialists, who specialise in treating serious conditions like cardiac arrest, neurological disorders, and other health issues, are on hand at Medanta.

Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal

The Shri Mahavir Sansthan Nyas Smiti is the organisation that established this health institution. They offer healthcare services around the clock to assist customers at any moment.

It is brimming with cutting-edge treatment technologies and gifted medical professionals. Compared to their rivals, they offer more individualised healthcare treatments thanks to these tools and top-notch professionals.

Paras HMRI Hospital

At reasonable costs, this health facility offers expert medical care services. Because of Paras' elite group of medical professionals, residents of this city trust them with their medical problems.

They have the good fortune to have a team of gifted and dedicated health professionals. It would be wise to contact Paras, the greatest super specialty hospital in Patna, as they are pioneers in offering specialist, patient-centred care.

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