Can you make cannabis grow faster?

Can you make cannabis grow faster?

Yes. There are several ways to speed up the cannabis growing process. Although you can grow indoor and outdoor, I recommend indoors. Because in this you can easily control lighting and various other factors affecting the growth of marijuana plants. 

Always buy the seeds that mature quickly. You should grow autoflowering plants because they mature at a faster rate. Most of the autoflowering hybrids start flowering within two weeks and you can harvest them after about seven weeks. 

For instance, Quick One can yield up to 150g/plant after eight weeks. Give proper nutrients to help sick plants recover. When using nutrients, make sure you read the instructions carefully. 

When vegging, marijuana needs more nitrogen while in the flowering stage, it requires more potassium and phosphorus. However, giving too much nitrogen during bloom may result in slowing down bud growth, thus affecting the yield. That’s what you never want. 

Additionally, maintain proper temperature and relative humidity in your grow area. Before growing cannabis, make sure you get legal permission for that. Now, with a medical marijuana grower license san francisco, you can increase your grow limit to 99 plants. 

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