What are the downsides of getting a medical marijuana card?


What are the downsides of getting a medical marijuana card?

To be honest, there are no drawbacks to getting a medical cannabis card or recommendation. State medical marijuana programs and state-licensed doctors issuing cannabis recommendations to patients allow patients to avail of various advantages. 

For instance, a medical cannabis recommendation can easily save tax on cannabis purchases. Similarly, they also pay for the card once and use it until its expiration date arrives. Ideally, a medical marijuana card is valid for one year from the date of issuance. 

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In addition to this, with the help of a medical marijuana recommendation or card, you can also possess and carry legal limits of marijuana without having to worry about a possible arrest.

And getting a cannabis card is even more vital in states which only allow medical cannabis use. For states that have complete legalization, you might think it is a sheer waste of time to spend money on a medical marijuana card. 

Especially when you can easily get cannabis with the help of a state-issued ID card. However, when you do so are not exempted from paying the tax on cannabis products like medical marijuana cardholders are. So, this means even getting a card in states with complete legalization is not a bad idea.

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